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We welcome you to the cinematic realm of Cameroon. The landscapes of an entire continent concentrated into a single country, that is Cameroon. With our location scout, you can find every film backdrop imaginable.

Fixer Cameroon is part of an international network of film production fixers. We guide foreign film crews through the entire process of overseas production. Whatever production services you may need in Cameroon, we can arrange them.

Contact our journalist fixer for background information on Cameroon’s women’s movements. Ask for special film permits for aerial filming in the Mandara Mountains. Discover rare fauna in the UNESCO World Heritage Site rainforest Dja Faunal Reserve.Production service Cameroon

When filming in Cameroon with us you won’t feel limited. Our global mindset with local knowledge provides you with the contacts and insights that you need for your film project. Whether it is a brand commercial, a feature film, or a documentary, we know what you need.

The film industry in Cameroon is not as advanced as in its neighboring country, Nigeria. Of course, it is hard to keep up with Nollywood. But what it lacks in equipment rental and studios is fully made up for by its landscape. There is a spot for every kind of atmosphere and scene.

By working with Fixer Cameroon you are preparing yourself to fall in love with Cameroon. With both French and English as its official national languages, communication is a non-issue. Tell us what you want and we will get to work.

The Benefits of Working with a Fixer in Cameroon

Working with Fixer Cameroon has many perks and advantages. You will collaborate with reliable and knowledgeable fixers and crew. We work with a team of vetted film professionals in all of our locations around the world.

Our film fixer in Cameroon ensures everything goes according to plan. You need this local contact to navigate the still limited filming infrastructure. Cameroon is an undeniably beautiful country but you need ample preparation to capture its beauty on film.

The journey starts with deciding where you will be filming in Cameroon and which elements the backdrop needs. Except for government and military property, we can acquire film permits for most locations. Given enough time, most shooting locations can be negotiated.

The next benefit of working with Fixer Cameroon is access to equipment rental. With very minimal film production in Cameroon, a lot of gear will have to be brought in from abroad. Thanks to our international connections, we can bring in the equipment that you need. Our film fixer in Cameroon will handle the customs clearance so that the gear is waiting for you when you land.

You also don’t have to worry about production assistance. Although the local pool of production crew is limited, we have the necessary contacts for a complete crew. Let us know which roles your production company can fulfill and who you need locally. Your team will be ready on set.

Fixer Cameroon is a true asset for film productions in Cameroon.

Filming In Cameroon With Us

When filming in Cameroon with us, you get to experience West Africa at its best. Our international experience meets you halfway as you translate Cameroon’s indescribable beauty to the screen. 

With Fixer Cameroon, all the paperwork, planning, and production assistance are taken care of. Let us know where you want to shoot and we will apply for the right film permit. We also ensure that you and your crew receive the appropriate visas to film in Cameroon.

Everything can be communicated online, saving you unnecessary trips. Our location scout will set out to find the perfect filming spots for you. Whether you want the essence of Douala’s art scene or to explore the deep rainforests, we find what you need.

We are of service both on set and off-set. Our local fixers not only make sure the magic happens when filming. We also handle what needs to happen before and after the cameras turn off. From transportation and accommodation to catering and make-up, everything is covered.

While you are here, why not enjoy what Cameroon has to offer. From fine bakeries to restaurants with a view, Yaounde has a delicious food scene. Further south, there are beautiful beaches such as Kribi Beach and Boucareau Beach. Or extend your trip and take on Mount Cameroon without the pressure of the Guinness Marathon.

Fixer Cameroon takes care of everything you need for successful film production in Cameroon. Give us a list and we’ll tick all the boxes.

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