Filming in Cameroon

We are the local fixers that you want to work with when filming in Cameroon. We take care of all the details – from visas and film permits to roadblocks and transportation. All the essentials of overseas film production are accounted for.

Our production fixer in Cameroon is your liaison from start to finish. All you have to do is communicate your plans with us and we’ll take it from there. Before you know it, you are meandering through the hilly streets of Yaounde. Cameroon is an offering of endless beauty.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Cameroon

Careful planning is mandatory before filming in Cameroon. There is no lack of breathtaking landscapes but gear and crew don’t materialize out of thin air. The film industry in Cameroon is still developing. In other words, special equipment rental and highly specialized crew or talent may need to come from abroad.

Do not worry about these limitations. With our production assistance, it is all smooth sailing from the time you land. Contact us for more background and planning information so that we can prepare the practicalities of your trip.

One of the advantages of filming in Cameroon is that we are right next door to Nollywood. In terms of the number of productions, Nigeria ranks second in the world. Any advanced equipment or film expert that you may need is a phone call away. We arrange for the customs clearance and permits so there is no extra headache for you.

In theory, getting access to film in Cameroon does not have to take much time. However, in practice, the finer details and production assistance need working out. Our location manager and fixer will liaise with the local authorities on your behalf. What you need is someone that knows how to negotiate and that person is us.

Cameroon film permits

Getting Film Permits in Cameroon

The film permits application procedure is not as straightforward as you may expect. Your best bet is working with our local fixer, someone that knows the ins and outs of bureaucratic matters. 

We recommend that you contact Fixer Cameroon several weeks ahead of time. This provides us with more flexibility to meet your wish list. It is possible to get film permits for most locations in Cameroon but this must be planned carefully. The fees and crew buyouts need to be negotiated ahead of time. The logistical aspects of filming in Cameroon must also be taken into consideration.

All these details must be accounted for before applying for the film permits. This is necessary to also be able to apply for the appropriate visas. All production company crew must apply for a short-term work visa at the nearest Cameroonian Embassy. It is not possible to enter as press without this visa. 

There are serious consequences for unauthorized filming. This could include confiscation of material and equipment but also fines or even an arrest. Please communicate closely with our fixer so that we can ensure all the paperwork is in order.

filming in Cameroon

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Cameroon

At present, there are no tax rebates or cash incentives for filming in Cameroon. However, setting up a film production is quite affordable. Something can be arranged for most budgets.

Your production company can rely on our far-reaching network to win deals at competitive prices. We have contacts with film professionals and crew from both Cameroon and neighboring countries. Crew fees and buyouts are both affordable and negotiable. The same applies to equipment rental. Even when factoring in the cost of sending in equipment from abroad and the customs clearance fees, you won’t be spending too much on film gear.

Communicate with our production fixer to get a better insight into what is possible at what budget. The beauty of film production in Cameroon is that there is an incredible variety of landscapes. You won’t be confined to a single filming location to get the shot that you want.

Another budge advantage of shooting in Cameroon is the favorable currency exchange. The national currency is the Central African Franc or XAF. Although most daily amenities are very affordable, it is important to have enough Dollars and Euros in cash. Payments can be complicated with foreign cards.

filming in cameroon