Film Permits & Locations

If your goal is to capture every face of Africa, then getting film permits for Cameroon is striking gold. Cameroon is a hyper concentration of everything the continent has to offer. Wildly contrasting landscapes, a myriad of tribes and traditions and its history are reflected in the architecture. Cameroon filming locations range from urban mayhem to desolate empty land. Immerse yourself in a celebration of Cameroon’s past and future in Yaounde and Douala. Catch your breath in the painstakingly beautiful Mandara Mountains. Applaud the efforts to save West Africa’s gorillas. Our location scout knows exactly where to take you.

Cameroon Filming Locations – Yaounde

Yaounde is perhaps one of the most scenic capitals in West Africa. Spread across seven hills, there is more green than you would expect from a busy city. Even if you are not filming in Yaounde, it is a welcoming beginning to your trip. As the seat of the central government, Yaounde is where we arrange for your film permits. This also where we organize the production assistance for the next leg of the journey. It is the collection point for film productions since gear and crew often come from overseas. Although government buildings and certain public buildings cannot be filmed, there are plenty of other interesting sights. Place de l’Independance is surrounded by important monuments and Notre Dame Cathedrale has a fascinating mosaic inspired by local culture. Have final meetings on Cameroon filming locations over fresh croissants from Yaounde’s famous bakeries.

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Cameroon Filming Locations – Douala

Douala is not the capital but it does have the usual capital city vibe of organized chaos. For industrial Cameroon filming locations you want to be in Douala. This is the country’s fast-paced economic hub and the most urban of Cameroon filming locations. Filming in Douala gives you a rare opportunity; filming in a port. Most other countries do not provide film permits for filming in a harbor but it can be arranged for in Douala. There is a lot of flexibility in getting film permits in Cameroon, as long as clear agreements are made. In complete contrast to the industry, Douala is also a major arts hub for Cameroon. Here you find creative spaces such as Marche des Fleurs, Institut Francais, and Espace Doual’art. Each one gives you a unique peek into where the local art scene came from and where it is going.

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Cameroon Filming Locations – Mount Cameroon

The indigenous name for Mount Cameroon is Mongo ma Ndemi which translates to Mountain of Greatness. Once you have its 4095m peak in sight, you fully believe in its greatness. If it is not on your list of Cameroon filming locations then it should be. Mount Cameroon is located inside a national park and so it is part of a protected area. However, it is still possible for our location scout manager to get film permits for this location.

In fact, the area frequently draws international attention for the Guinness Mount Cameroon International Race. During this famous marathon, runners complete in 4 hours what is normally a two-day hike. With permission from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, your production company can shoot footage of the wildlife in the area. The area is home to several endangered species including chimpanzees. There are also beautiful endemic birds such as the Mount Cameroon Speirops. 

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Cameroon Filming Locations – Korup National Park

Far to the west of most common Cameroon filming locations, you find Korup National Park. It is one of Africa’s very first national parks, blessed by thick rainforests, Mount Yuhan, and several running waters. Our film fixer in Cameroon can negotiate film permits for this protected area. You will be put in touch with the rangers protecting the wildlife and habitat. This is an admirable task considering the sad history of poaching in the region. Our location scout manager will also enlist their contacts so that you find the best spots to see the many rare animals. Although wildlife documentaries often focus on the big mammals, Korup National Park is an ideal location for filming birds and smaller primates.  You won’t be the first to fall in love with Korup National Park. This was the filming location for Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan (1984).

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